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About Peta

Marketing strategy and services for purpose-led, service based businesses.

About me

Hi! I’m Peta. Welcome to my small part of the digital world.
I’m a creative, book-loving, business minded, film enthusiast, social media geek.
I like drinking tea. I like hanging around in tea and coffee shops. I am not outdoors-y and I avoid exercising if I can (I know, I know – it would do me good. But that doesn’t help!)
I love watching films – cinema if I can, but I’ve got kids, so ya know, doesn’t happen so often these days!
I like to think of myself as bohemian

Bohemian: “a person who is interested in artistic and unusual things, for example art, music, or literature, and lives in an informal way that ignores the usually accepted ways of behaving”.
Cambridge Dictionary (n.d.). Citation. In

I have spent my entire working life in public libraries with a brief sortee into an art college library, so customer service without that sales-y feeling has always been my vibe.
The arts bit? Well, I did A-level printmaking, married an artist, mooched around galleries, followed by the cafes…. and there we go!

At home, I am mum to 2 teenage boys and a nearly teenage girl.
I’ve spent many years trying to ‘green’ my life, and get excited about anything plastic free, zero waste and particularly my newly installed air-source heat pump.

I’m the proud owner of a 1950s bungalow, in dire need of refurbishment, which we moved to so we could adapt for my wheelchair-using daughter (that’s a whole other story that you read about on Instagram if you choose! @LawrenceFamilyHome)

I’m a soul-led nurturing business owner just like you.
I help mindful, creative, holistic, alternative conscious business owners to attract clients by creating a bespoke marketing strategy that serves you as deeply as you serve your clients.

Why? So that you can fall in love with your business, and help more clients more deeply, and make the world the better place you want it to be.

So that’s me – nice to meet you! ✨

portrait of Peta, a white middle aged woman with dark, shoulder length hair. Sitting on grass amongst bluebells

Who am I to mentor and support you?

I started my business intending to do social media management for small businesses, but I rapidly found that actually I could have far more impact on the world by sharing all the little gems about marketing and business models, and new ideas, and ways of working that I collect in my head, and share those with the mindful, creative business owners that actually wanted to do the marketing for themselves, but were overwhelmed by ALL the many different channels, platforms and processes.

Since then I have completed a Level 3 qualification in Digital Marketing from the BCS, completed training in organic Facebook marketing (Rachel Miller), Facebook Ads Academy (the Two Lauras), and completed the Google analytics advanced certificate.
I am a member of professional business groups on Social Media Management and Marketing, and the Federation of Small Businesses, which allow me to stay up to date with platform changes, best practice and provide me with ongoing professional development as well as ideas and inspiration to pass on to my clients.

I keep up to date so you don’t have to! 

I also have access to expert colleagues, so if I don’t know the answer, then I can ask someone who does.

“Yes I would recommend your service – you are both professional and approachable and I really felt that you were on my team!”

Dr. Emma Brodzinski, therapist and fertility shaman

portrait Dr Emma Brodzinski

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