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The Way of the Mindful Business

12 week program

So, you’re ready to embrace the way of the mindful business, but would like to know more…

You can expect…

To delve deep into the structure of your business.

To discover what types of marketing work best for you, and therefore help you serve your clients and customers more deeply.

To design your ideal client journey, that means that attracting clients will be easy and something you’ll look forward to.

To feel supported to build the structures needed to guide your customers and clients smoothly towards your service.

To gain clarity over the content of your marketing, and how it fits into your customer’s journey with you.

To gain confidence in your long term strategy that will enable you to boldly embrace digital marketing in your business, whilst not resorting to sleazy cheesy sales tactics. 

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What will that look like?

A one-to-one zoom call every 2 weeks, to discuss your next steps

Access to planning tools and worksheets that we will work on together to help optimise your business.

Oncall messaging  support for any questions, wobbles or inspirations that you have between sessions.

Personalised training based on your specific needs.

This is an investment of £1500, payable in 3x monthly installments.

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