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Gentle Marketing for the Mindful Business

Helping Mindful, Conscious, Creative businesses to find their marketing vibe amd their perfect customer journey

You can create a person-centred, soul-led business that serves you as much as it serves your clients

We could be a good fit if:

You run a person-centred, mindful, holistic, conscious business.

You’ve got lots of great new ideas for your business but don’t know where to start.

You’re overwhelmed about where to start with your project, and you’re getting nowhere fast.

You’re frustrated at all the time you have spent trying to get your project off the ground, but it feels like it’s getting nowhere.

If only there were more hours in the day, then you’d be able to do SOOO much marketing.

You feel that if you could just find the magic answer you could be serving so many more people.

….and oh, so many shiny new things! The blog, emails, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Lead magnets, mailing lists, the podcast, you tube channels. But which one is right for YOU?

And you want to it yourself. It’s your business, they are your clients. No outsourcing here!

Peta is sitting cross legged, wearing a sunflower dress smiling at the camera. The background is grass and bluebells

So, it's likely that you:

Want to feel totally in control of the customer experience

Want a clarity of direction and clear intentions in your business actions.

You want to know exactly which way to turn and want your marketing to become an integrated and enjoyable part of the way you do business.

Want to be more productive with a clear intention in your busness activities.

You want to have more space in your day, to allow you time to reflect and develop.

Want a professional by your side, helping you work out the best options for you and your clients

Hi, I’m Peta Lawrence

Owner of Gentle Marketing for the Mindful Business

I work WITH mindful, conscious and creative businesses to find their marketing groove by helping them build a sustainable and lovable business model.

As a conscious and mindful part of the global community, I just always feel that there is another way – there HAS to be. For the sake of the planet, for the sake of our humanity there HAS to be another way to do EVERYTHING. That includes business.
I did toy with the idea of offering ‘Plastic-free’ marketing but thought people might get confused. My response to every decision I make is pretty much – can you do it plastic-free?

Although my entrepreneurial journey is recent, my 25 years working in public libraries and with my arts background (A-Level in Printmaking, a stint in an Art College library and married to an artist!) means I’m always looking for the bohemian option.
The nurturing option. The alternative option.

In essence I will help you find the way of the Mindful Business.

Not for you. Not in spite of you. But with you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website. Feel free to get in touch any time.


Peta. x
A smiling Peta welcoming you to her website