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Gentle Marketing for the Mindful Business

Helping Mindful, Conscious, Creative businesses to find their marketing vibe and their perfect customer journey

You can create a person-centred, soul-led business that serves YOU as deeply as it serves your clients


What if you could find your easy and fun marketing vibe and attract your Perfect People?

Peta Lawrence,

Digital Marketing Mentor and Consultant

If you're reading this...

…then you are likely the owner of a Conscious, Creative, Eco business or you are a coach, holistic practitioner or other purpose-led service provider that is feeling stressed and overwhelmed when they hear the word ‘Marketing’ and ‘Social Media’.

Maybe you’ve no issues Emailing, Tweeting, Pinning and Posting, but feel like you don’t understand where it’s all leading, whether you need to do it all or if there is a bigger plan, or if you can ever get away from it, worried that as your business grows you’ll just end up being drowned in a sea of socials.

You definitely don’t want to resort to the plastic coated world of psychological sales tactics and manipulative marketing messages. But wonder how else you can get clients.

You started your business because you wanted to change the world.

But it just feels like you spend all the time scrolling, scheduling, and ‘selling’ your wares like some sleazy sales-person from the 1950s. It feels gross. It doesn’t feel like you, and you’re not actually sure it’s attracting the right business.

It feels like you have tried ALL the strategies out there to chase every available lead.

Maybe you feel like you run around chasing everything that moves with your carefully worded pitch, or swinging your latest offer around and capturing everyone you see, only to find that most of them have no interest in what you’re offering at all.

Peta, a white woman with shoulder length brown hair is sitting amongst bluebells

That’s where I can help!

I believe that marketing your business can be easy, feel great, authentic and form a natural part of your business’s day to day running rather than being a time consuming struggle.

Would it feel better

  • if you could confidently share your truths with the world, rather than damping down your message?
  • to be the quirky independent business, rather than the generic High street brand?
  • if your powerful light was attracting the right People towards you (rather than you chasing them)?
  • to become the beautiful bloom that your clients seek, rather than the butterfly net others try to escape?

Is this a better place?

The result

Only work with People who love what you do, who WANT to work with you.

Naturally magnetic messaging that attracts your perfect (paying!) People towards you.

Discovery calls where clients already know they want to work with you.

Clients that trust your expertise because they have seen you demonstrate it.

Clients that understand what you offer and why you are offering it.

Clients that already want YOUR magic in their lives.

In other words, more of your People being your Clients.

A sustainable business plan that allows your business to flow and grow the way you intended it to.

That’s Gentle Marketing.

Welcome to my world!

Hi, I’m Peta Lawrence

Owner of Gentle Marketing for the Mindful Business

I work WITH mindful, conscious and creative businesses to find their marketing vibe by helping them build a sustainable, practical business model that they love.

As a conscious and mindful part of the global community, I just always feel that there is another way – there HAS to be. For the sake of the planet, for the sake of our humanity there HAS to be another way to do EVERYTHING. That includes business.

I did toy with the idea of offering ‘Plastic-free’ marketing but thought people might get confused. My response to every decision I make is pretty much – can you do it plastic-free?

Although my entrepreneurial journey is recent, my 25 years working in public libraries and with my arts background (A-Level in Printmaking, a stint in an Art College library and married to an artist!) means I’m always looking for the bohemian option.

The nurturing option. The alternative option.

That’s Gentle Marketing, and I will help you find your way to a Mindful Business.

Not FOR you. Not IN SPITE of you. But WITH you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website.

Find out how you can work with me.


Peta. x
Peta, a white woman, resting chin on hand

What about you?

We’d be a good fit if:

  • You run a Conscious, Creative or Eco business or you’re a coach, holistic practitioner or other purpose-led service provider.
  • You hate the word Marketing and what you think it means, but know you need to do it.
  • You’re overwhelmed about where to start with your marketing and you’re getting nowhere fast.
  • You’ve already got a solid audience but you’re not sure if they’re the right audience.
  • If only there were more hours in the day, then you’d be able to do SOOO much marketing.
  • …. and oh, so many shiny new things! The blog, emails, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Lead magnets, mailing lists, the podcast, youtube channels. But which one is right for YOU?
  • And you want to do it yourself. It’s your business, they are your clients. No outsourcing here!
  • You really want to avoid toxic sales strategies such as psychological pricing and high pressure sales calls.

Hopefully you want:

  • To attract more of the right clients.
  • To be totally in control of your client’s experience.
  • A no-sleaze, no-cheese, inspiring marketing plan and business model  that is easy and sustainable to implement.
  • Your marketing to become an integrated and enjoyable part of the way you do business.
  • More space in your day, to allow you time to reflect and develop.
  • A friendly, knowledgeable professional by your side, helping you work out the best options for you and your clients.

We’re likely to get on really well if:

  • You love reading, especially thrillers and personal development books.
  • You are a little bit of a fantasy nerd and can’t get enough Star Trek, LotR, and consider Tiffany Aching as your role model.
  • You’re a parent carer. I’m a parent carer. I understand your struggle. I can always find time to compare notes on the highs and lows of what you’re trying to juggle alongside your bid to change the world.
  • You’re definitely into your little indie boutiques and cafes rather than the big high street brands.
  • You’re an climatarian (or somewhere on that spectrum).

It is unlikely to work for us if:

  • You want results yesterday. I don’t do vanity metrics and trick tactics that ‘beat the algorithm’.
  • You aren’t ready to spend time really focussing on and organising your marketing.
  • You aren’t prepared to make changes to any of your current strategies.